My Best Sourdough Recipe

15 thoughts on “My Best Sourdough Recipe”

  1. Thank you Anna for this post – the videos make it so easy to follow your recipe. Will try it as soon as my starter is mature. I just started a new one. Second loaf is beautiful as always!


      1. Hi Anna, my bread was not a big success but the taste was superb. I used 90% wheat flour T65 and 10% spelt T110. My starter was still very young. It was built half from wheat flour T65 and half rye flour (from berrie I grind and sifted). I did not bake any sourdough bread since months and I noticed how fast one can loose the habit to manipulate a dough. Very interesting experience. I kept the bran from the rye berries and mixed it as in your recipe. I will give this recipe another try with a more mature starter. Keep following you here & on FB. Have a nice week! Warm and safe regards from Belgium.


  2. Hello Anna, I love your bread and the way you explain and show various steps. I have one question though. For the dough you listed 200 g boiling water for the wholegrain flour and 500g + 10 g for bread flour but in a paragraph describing a step of adding water to bread flour there is “Combine the sifted flour, the bread flour and 525 g of water; cover and let it sit for two hours” I have been working to improve my technique and I know that more water is more hydration and it can be challenging at times. If don’t mind please make it clear 500 + 10 or 525 + 10. Thank you and best regards, Halina


      1. Thank you for correcting. I will be baking tomorrow and let’s hope for the best. Have a good weekend. Best, Halina


  3. Anna, sifting King Arthur Whole Wheat flour doesn’t seem to yield any bran. Can I use, say, Bob’s Red Mill Wheat Bran? If so, how much bran and how much whole wheat flour?


    1. Hi Peter! I suspect your sieve isn’t tight enough. There should definitely be bran to shift out. To answer your question, you can use 100g of bran to 100g of KAF but then use white stoneground flour instead pf wholegrain. I hope this helps!


  4. Thanks. I thought my sieve was pretty fine but it only yielded a minuscule amount of slightly darker material. I’ll try it with the bran.

    Thanks for all the info. Keep up the beautiful work!


  5. I read the entire post again in the hopes that I would find a recommendation for a specific bread flour. What is the protein percentage in your bread flour and can you recommend a specific brand?


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