My Bread Tools

What is a baker without her tools? Still a baker! Here’s the deal with bread gear – there is nothing you really need except water, flour, salt, an oven and a bowl. You can check my beginner recipe here where I explain how to make bread with the mere basics. However, the beauty of bread-making … Continue reading My Bread Tools

Lessons learned. Part 1.

When I first came up with the name Bread Journey it seemed almost random to me. I cannot recall all the other options I’ve tried on while my fingers were hovering impatiently over the keyboard, but I know there were a few others, but they didn’t feel right. Bread Journey did feel right, although I didn’t know why back … Continue reading Lessons learned. Part 1.

My first bread

I first have to come forth with a disclaimer: This isn’t actually my first bread. I will spare you the sight of those first hapless lumps of dough, sprinkled with tears and frustration. Not even dogs would eat those. There was little or no consistency to my experiments as I had absolutely no idea what I was … Continue reading My first bread