Golden Sandwich Loaf Recipe

Like many great things in life, I came across this recipe by accident. As I was trying to bake a loaf following Sarah C. Owen’s black bread recipe from her glorious book Toast and Jam I realized I was missing a few things and messed up a few steps. As always, the rule with bread … Continue reading Golden Sandwich Loaf Recipe

Sourdough 2.0

So you’ve made your very own sourdough starter and have been able to keep it alive. Great! That means you have both dedication and patience. Because you have patience, you most deffinitely started out slow, with a beginner recipe like this one here, right? Right? (Please, don’t just jump into adventurous waters before you’ve mastered … Continue reading Sourdough 2.0

My first bread

I first have to come forth with a disclaimer: This isn’t actually my first bread. I will spare you the sight of those first hapless lumps of dough, sprinkled with tears and frustration. Not even dogs would eat those. There was little or no consistency to my experiments as I had absolutely no idea what I was … Continue reading My first bread