Recipe for frilly scores

5 thoughts on “Recipe for frilly scores”

  1. Your breads are magnificent looking, I can only imagine the taste. Thanks for your inspiration. I’ve been half-hazardly making sourdough bread for several years, I’ve had my starter for 17 years, but nothing ever comes close to looking like yours. I’ve only recently become aware of this delicate and intricate scoring process that I am very thankful you’ve shown how to do.

    Moldova is a unique country, never been but I’ve met a couple of young ladies working in hospitality here in Alaska (kinda of a labor scam but maybe gives some an opportunity). They were the nicest ever and so proud of their country and gave me some tips for visiting, if I ever do.


    1. Hi and thank you for taking the time to read and comment! Making bread is an amazing endeavor that can keep any perfectionist busy for years, and still be manageable to an absolute beginner. You do your thing and whenever you’re ready for a challenge, it’s there for you! Scoring definitely is a challenge and I’ve still got a lot to learn too! I’ll be updating my blog as I go, hoping to be of help to you and others.

      Do visit Moldova! I can objectively say that we’re pretty amazing out here!


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