Beginner Sourdough – Your First Bread

15 thoughts on “Beginner Sourdough – Your First Bread”

  1. I started my sourdough yesterday aphternoon phollowing your instructions. Just baking my phirst loaph now. The Phinal prooph looked amazing. Will post pictures on Phacebook.
    Thanks phor the detailed tutorial.

    The Phood Foto Guy


  2. Hi and thank you for your very informative tutorial. As I am a (very enthusiastic) sourdough beginner I find this very helpful. Just one question though, because my first attempt at baking was a total failure šŸ˜¦ my second ferment developed a crust on the top and now I wonder how come it didn’t happen to you? It rose and then dropped down so I ended up with a very hard crust and dough. Do you have any advice for a working mum (8-17 h), how can I have a fresh loaf every day, some time-line? Can I leave it in the fridge all night (after the shaping step) and most of the day and then bake it when I come home from work?


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to give it a try! Hmm.. did you keep your pre-ferment covered? Regarding your second question – yes, you can keep it in the fridge all day! If you plan to do that shape the dough 15 minutes after the last stretch (do not wait the 1,5 – 2,5 hours). The dough will be less voluminous when you put it in the fridge but it will catch up!


  3. I just made a beautiful, perfect loaf using your technique and recipe. This is my fourth attempt (prior ones being to dense and not as airy). Thank you so much for this. Enjoying my bread as I type.


      1. I have a question: Can you double the recipe to make two loaves? Iā€™m not too familiar with the science behind it all.


  4. Anna I love your practical approach to bread making. My process is nearly identical with four cups of freshly ground einkorn and two cups of water. I really appreciate the videos on stretch= and=fold and shaping. May I use them on our blog at (with attribution of course)?


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