Decorative Bread Scoring. The Basics

22 thoughts on “Decorative Bread Scoring. The Basics”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    Sorry if this is a silky question but is it a bad idea to bake in a Dutch oven when trying to achieve the beautiful scoring?


    1. Hi and thank you for reading! No, it’s not a bad idea! I’ve done that too. The only caveat is that the trapped air will moisten the flour and your contrast won’t be as stark. It will still be pretty!


  2. LOVE your YouTube tutorial, which led me here. I’m definitely going to try this with my next loaf! Great tip about freezing the loaf before scoring. I usually spray my loaf before baking in a covered, preheated cloche. Your comment above makes me concerned about spraying it. Would it solve the moisture issue if I place a separate pan of water underneath? How do you bake your loaves?


  3. Thank you for sharing this amazing tutorial – it’s very generous of you. Your work is beautiful, and I cannot wait to try it out myself.


  4. Thank you so much for the time effort by showing us your method and skills on this beautiful baking art. I will try to make my own bread scoring, and i will show you, to see what do you think . Greetings from Ecuador


  5. I read that using a curved blade will create lips and interesting cuts. Is that something you have tried or find helpful?


  6. Thank you for so generously sharing your course….I have a bread proofing in the refrigerator….can’t wait to try this


  7. Hi Anna: Love the information and your designs. It seems the site you are recommending (wiremonkeyshop) for the lame is currenting not working. I really like your lame and would like to purchase one. Any suggestions. Thanks Kelly in Orlando.


  8. Love your beautiful creations Anna. After scoring your design in cold dough, how long do you wait before you bake your sourdough?


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